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Gas Plumbing, Sydney Wide

We’re lucky to live in a city where we have access to Natural Gas as a form of energy.

Gas is an efficient and highly economical alternative to electricity and for anyone that already has gas in their home, you already know the advantages of using gas over electricity in various applications.

Gas cooking, gas heating and gas hot water are all luxuries that can totally transform the way you live, however like most things, you need to make sure that your gas plumbing service is installed and is operating correctly and in compliance with governing bodies, like the NSW Code Of Practice.

Mr 24/7 Plumbing are fully licensed, certified gas plumbers and will gladly assist you in the areas of new gas installations, gas repairs and even regular maintenance, compliance and certification.

Whether you’re wanting to change your hot water system from electric over to gas, or you’re looking at swapping your old oven for a newer model, Mr 24/7 Plumbing has you covered. If it’s gas plumbing, we do it.

Natural Gas Plumbing vs Bottled Gas Plumbing

Many people don’t realise that mains gas in Sydney is Natural Gas and the gas that you get in bottles from the service stations is LPG. Appliances like BBQ’s, are typically designed to run off the use of bottled gas, however most household appliances, like cook tops and hot water heaters are designed to run on Natural Gas.

If for example, you wanted your BBQ to run off your ‘mains gas’, Mr 24/7 Plumbing can modify your BBQ to suit, which means instead of running out of gas while you’re cooking, you’ll have a steady supply whenever you need it.

This is but one example of how our expertise in gas plumbing can add value to your home, so give us a call today and let us help you get…’cooking with gas’.