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Blocked Drains in Sydney is almost a prophecy…

There are few things more off putting than blocked drains,

and if you’ve ever been in the unfortunate scenario, by where your sewer service has blocked and as a result surcharged into your property, you’ll relate.

Blocked Drain Scenarios

As a 24/7 Emergency Plumbing service provider in Sydney, we at Mr 24/7 Plumbing have seen many unfortunate scenarios right across the city.

Everything from domestic floods right through to blockages in restaurants and hospitals. There is really nowhere that’s 100% safe from suffering from blocked drains, however there are many instances where they can be preventable.

Apart from the obvious health risks of having a blocked and surcharging sewer on your property, there are huge inconveniences and financial burdens that can come as part of the package.
We’ve seen scenarios where entire offices and units have had to be re-carpeted, kitchen cupboards replaced along with countless cases where furniture and appliances need to also be replaced.

There’s also been a few instances where companies have had to temporarily close down/stop production because of the unsanitary conditions.

Blocked Drain Causes

There are many different causes of blocked drains in Sydney, however one of the most common recurring problems stems from the ingress of tree roots.
Naturally the job of a trees root is to find water and nutrients so when an ageing pipe cracks and leaks water into the surrounding earth, those roots see it as a perfect opportunity to get a regular drink.
Unfortunately once those roots are in the drain, they’re there to stay and eventually, they will cause a blocked drain.

Blocked Drain Solution

At Mr 24/7 Plumbing, we’re experts in not only blocked drain repair, but also blocked drain detection and diagnosis. With the use of modern day CCTV drain camera’s and other handy tools like pipe locators, we’re able to investigate what the problem is, where the problem is, and with that information, we can derive a strategy that best suits that scenario.

It could be a simple clearing of the drain, tied into a maintenance schedule to prevent the problem recurring, or it may be something more advanced like excavation and replacement, or pipe relining.

Either way, you can rest assure that the solution you’ll be getting for your blocked drain is going to be the solution that has your unique situation at heart, resulting in no more blocked drains and peace of mind.

Some common symptoms of blocked drains, or partially blocked drains can be the following:

Bad odours


Slowly draining toilets and fixtures

Bad odours

Odd noises when the drains are being used

Bubbling, or gurgling floor wastes, etc.

If you think (or you know) you might have a blocked drain at your property, give Mr 24/7 Plumbing a call today. It’s better to check and be sure than find yourself…knee deep.